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Ingrown toenails? Try nail braces

Nail bracing is a gentle alternative to nail surgery of painful ingrown or involuted (excessively curved) toenails. Smooth wires are attached to a brace which is glued to the nail. This repositions the nail into a more comfortable position, by lifting up the nail to unload pressure on the underlying skin. The benefits of this include no local anaesthetic is needed, there can be immediate relief, no wound healing is required, no time off work or school after surgery.


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General Podiatry Treatment

Our Podiatrists are highly skilled in treatment around corns, callus and toenails. Our clinicians can offer advice around how to and improve on your skin and nail issues.


At From The Feet Up you can be assured that we will give the most up to date expert advice on footwear and what shoe is the best shoe for you. We have close relationship with the local sports stores in Warrnambool, so we can ensure you get the right shoe for your needs.

From The Feet Up Sports & Podiatry Clinic are the sole suppliers of Newton running shoes in Warrnambool and Southwest Victoria. Our Podiatrists can expertly fit your body and movement to the correct shoe.

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Cutting Edge Techniques

Our therapists are encouraged to undergo continuing professional development and they partake in regular inservices and webinars.


Holistic and Individualised Attention

Our therapists are trained to enquire about your specific needs and design their treatments accordingly.


Commitment to Quality

Our sole focus is on obtaining results for you and we will give you a thorough treatment plan on your first visit so you understand your injury better.


Experienced in Sports and Workplace Injury Rehabilitation

We offer the quickest pathway to return to work or sports. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to our client care and rehab.


Referral Program

We reward our loyal clients who recommend their friends and family to us with a free gift. This is our way of saying thank you.


We Give You Answers

We encourage our patients to ask questions. One of our goals is to educate each and every patient so they prevent injury recurrence.

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