Sports Podiatry

Sports Podiatrists assess and treat musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction and injury of the lower body.

After a thorough assessment is completed, our podiatrists will aim to determine a cause for your injury and provide you with advice and education on how to manage it. We will then aim to treat your injury using a variety of techniques, with a focus on hands-on manual therapy and exercise programs. Manual therapy techniques include neuromuscular dry needling, joint mobilisations/ manipulation, massage, strengthing  and stretching.

Our Podiatrists search for and treat the cause of pain and dysfunction of the system. This is different to many other forms of therapy that focus only on alleviating the symptoms. By eliminating the cause of the problem, reoccurrence is prevented.

Podiatry manual treatment may reduce pain and improve function of the body by decreasing tensions and restrictions in your muscles, joints and soft tissue.

Our Podiatrists are well equipped with expert knowledge of the body and are highly trained therapeutic skills. They undergo our extensive continuing education program to keep up with the most recent developments in healthcare to provide the highest level of care.

Common conditions we manage include:

  • Sports Injuries of the lower body
  • Sports Screening focussing on whole body alignment
  • Ankle sprains, foot injuries and plantar fasciitis
  • Pre- and post-orthopaedic surgery
  • Shin pain
  • Muscle sprains and strain
  • Pre-sport screenings
  • Heel pain
  • Joint replacement
  • Arch pain
  • Knee pain
  • Toe pain
  • Hip pain
  • SIJ pain
  • Sciatica