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At FROM THE FEET UP we are experienced in large range of hands-on manual therapies to specifically treat the cause of your foot and leg issues, not just treat the symptoms.


We examine the whole body to see how the body is affecting the feet and how the feet are affecting the rest of the body. We take into consideration your footwear, as your shoes change the way your feet and body function. We make sure your shoes are not causing or adding to your issues, and can make modifications to your footwear to address these issues.

We may refer you to our wide network of health providers to address issues in the upper body that are a direct result of your foot and leg issues.

We literally look at fixing you FROM THE FEET UP.


We use a range of hands on therapies to suit your individual needs such as:

  • Running and walking gait analysis
  • Lower body biomechanics
  • Footwear education
  • Footwear modifications
  • Proprioception and gait retraining
  • Muscle balance analysis
  • Prolotherapy
  • Neural prolotherapy
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Neuroplasticity principles
  • Neuromuscular dry needling
  • Massage
  • Frictioning
  • Whole body stretch and strength conditioning
  • Insoles and if needed orthotics
  • Foot mobilisation techniques


Hand-Built Custom Foot Insoles/Orthotics

Insoles and Orthotics can be life changing when skilfully crafted for the right person. Many people purchase over the counter inserts or poorly constructed orthotics and may be met with limited success. A truly custom foot orthotic is expertly crafted exactly to your foot and your needs based on our evaluation and then hand built by our Podiatrists.

Our specialised gait analysis examines how your foot and ankle affect the function of your entire body, rather than just the foot and ankle. Your hand-built custom foot insole or orthotic is truly built from the ground up just for you.


Walking & Running Issues

If you have difficulty walking or running comfortably, our therapists will perform a movement evaluation, a joint and muscle exam, and a detailed gait analysis. We study the way you walk and move your foot, ankle, and hip joints to identify why walking and running may be challenging for you.

Your plan will include mobility movements and key strength exercises based on your unique presentation. In some cases, a custom insole of foot orthotic may be constructed to help you overcome a key limitation. Running and walking are in reach again!


Cutting Edge Techniques

Our therapists are encouraged to undergo continuing professional development and they partake in regular inservices and webinars.


Holistic and Individualised Attention

Our therapists are trained to enquire about your specific needs and design their treatments accordingly.


Commitment to Quality

Our sole focus is on obtaining results for you and we will give you a thorough treatment plan on your first visit so you understand your injury better.


Experienced in Sports and Workplace Injury Rehabilitation

We offer the quickest pathway to return to work or sports. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to our client care and rehab.


Referral Program

We reward our loyal clients who recommend their friends and family to us with a free gift. This is our way of saying thank you.


We Give You Answers

We encourage our patients to ask questions. One of our goals is to educate each and every patient so they prevent injury recurrence.

Our Services

sports podiatry ftfu

Sports Podiatry

Sports Podiatrists assess and treat musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction and injury of the lower body.

orthotics ftfu


We use a range of hands on therapies to suit your individual needs. 

movement as medicine ftfu

Movement as Medicine

Prevent Injury and Enhance your Performance! We help all athletes of all levels of expertise (ages 12 and up) improve their athletic skills.

movement as medicine ftfu

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

DNS is a unique rehabilitation strategy based on the principles of developmental kinesiology and the neurophysiological aspects of maturing postural locomotor system.


Lower Body Biomechanics

We assess and treat musculoskeletal pain and injury looking at the whole body to determine? the cause of pain.

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