Freedom from orthotics – Alternative treatment to orthotics

At FROM THE FEET UP we are experienced in large range of hands-on manual therapies to specifically treat the cause of your foot and leg issues, not just treat the symptoms.

We are a unique, as we look at :

The whole body - see how the body is affecting the feet and how the feet are affecting the rest of the body.

Footwear - Your shoes change the way your feet and body function, so we make sure your shoes are not causing or adding to your issues and can make modifications to your footwear to address these issues.

We may  refer you to our wide network of health providers to address issues in the upper body that are a direct result of your foot and leg issues.

We literally look at fixing you FROM THE FEET UP.

Here is an explanation of some of the hands on therapies we incorporate into our treatment

We use a range of hands on therapies to suit your individual needs such as:

  • running and walking gait analysis
  • lower body biomechanics
  • footwear education
  • footwear modifications
  • proprioception and gait retraining
  • muscle balance analysis
  • prolotherapy
  • neural prolotherapy
  • trigger point therapy
  • neural plasticity principles
  • neuromuscular dry needling
  • massage
  • frictioning
  • whole body stretch and strength conditioning
  • insoles and if needed orthotics
  • foot mobilisation techniques

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Do you really need Orthotics?

Quickly determine if you or your child really need orthotics.

Easily identify the problems and issues before they cost you thousands.

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