Our practitioners at FROM THE FEET UP Sports Clinic are closely aligned with the Clinic's vision that puts patients first.

If you are considering treatment to improve your active lifestyle or treat a Functional or structural health obstacles - FROM THE FEET UP Sports Clinic has a wide variety of treatment options to meet your lifestyle needs.

Whether you prefer a single practitioner treatment or a holistic whole body case management approach to their treatment that incorporates all the available services in order to get the best outcome, FROM THE FEET UP Sports Clinic in the Warrnambool and Southwest area of Victoria has you covered.


After a thorough assessment is completed, our therapists will aim to determine a cause for your injury and provide you with advice and education on how to manage it. We will then aim to treat your injury using a variety of techniques, with a focus on hands-on manual therapy and exercise programs. Manual therapy techniques include joint gait retraining, mobilisations/ manipulation, strength conditioning, dry needling, prolotherapy, neural therapy,  massage and stretching.

Our aim at FROM THE FEET UP Sports Clinic is to achieve an improvement in function and reduction in pain for our clients. The focus is to ensure we assist clients in achieving their goals at work and home, with sports or in their day to day life.

Our Therapists search for and treat the cause of pain and dysfunction of the system. This is different to many other forms of therapy that focus only on alleviating the symptoms. By eliminating the cause of the problem, reoccurrence is prevented.

Hands on manual treatment may reduce pain and improves function of the body by decreasing tensions and restrictions in your muscles, joints and soft tissue.

Our therapists are well equipped with expert knowledge of the body and highly trained in  therapeutic skills. They undergo our extensive continuing education program to keep up with the most recent developments in healthcare to provide the highest level of care.

injury rehabilitation TREATMENT OPTIONS

At FROM THE FEET UP Sports Clinic we have a variety of versatile equipment to assist your rehabilitation or fitness needs.

Exercise Rehabilitation develops a specific exercise program to assist in recovery from injuries, working towards a specific goal or improving fitness. It is suitable for persons of all ages and abilities.

A full health and biomechanical assessment is performed to find the weaknesses that may be contributing to injuries or preventing a full recovery from an old injury.

A combination of functional and gym-based exercises may be used to develop strength and stability as well as specific stretching and self-massage techniques for body awareness and active recovery.