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Laser Nail Fungal Treatment

Fungal nail disease (onychomycosis) is a common condition which causes the nails to look thick and discoloured for up to 14% of the adult population. From The Feet Up Sports & Podiatry Clinic is proud to offer laser nail therapy; a safe, pain free treatment for fungal nails. With a higher success rate than conventional treatments, laser nail therapy is an effective solution that addresses the problem underneath your nails, allowing the nail to return to health. In fact, many patients experience significant improvement in just 2 months after initial treatment.

During the laser treatment, a laser beam will be slowly directed across the nail bed. The laser beam will generate heat beneath the nail and within the underlying fungal colony. You will feel a warm sensation during the procedure which lasts 1-2 minutes per toenail.

We treat all your toe nails, even those that don’t seem infected, as we don’t want to risk the fact that even the slightest infection undetectable by the naked eye can lead to reinfection.

This non invasive procedure does not require any local anaesthesia and there is no recovery period, so you can wear socks and shoes immediately after the treatment.

With no side effects and no visible harm to the treated nail or skin, laser nail therapy is truly an innovation in the way toenail fungus is treated.

Studies have shown that laser nail treatment is effective in 70-80% of cases.


A safe, effective, and drug free way to kill the fungus that causes thickened, discoloured, flaking, ugly toenails.

These photos are the before and after of a 58 year old female with a Fungal Infection under her big toe nail.

Two laser treatments killed the fungus and the nail grew out healthy.

Before Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

After Laser Fungal Nail Treatment


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