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Sports Podiatrists assess and treat musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction and injury of the lower body.

After a thorough assessment is completed, our podiatrists will aim to determine a cause for your injury and provide you with advice and education on how to manage it. We will then aim to treat your injury using a variety of proven techniques, with a focus on hands-on therapy and exercise programs that’s suitable for your condition. Manual therapy techniques include neuromuscular dry needling, joint mobilisations/ manipulation, massage, strengthening and stretching.

Our Podiatrists search for and treat the cause of pain and dysfunction of the system. This is different to many other forms of therapy that focus only on alleviating the symptoms. By eliminating the cause of the problem, recurrence is prevented.

Manual podiatry treatment may reduce pain and improve function of the body by reducing tension and restrictions in your muscles, joints and soft tissue.

Our Podiatrists are well equipped with expert knowledge of the body and are highly trained therapeutic skills. They undergo our extensive continuing education program to keep up with the most recent developments in healthcare to provide the highest level of care.


What we Manage at Our Sports Podiatry Clinic in Warrnambool VIC:

  • Injuries of the lower body
  • Screening focussing on whole body alignment
  • Ankle sprains, foot injuries and plantar fasciitis
  • Pre- and post-orthopaedic surgery
  • Shin pain
  • Muscle sprains and strain
  • Pre-sport screenings
  • Heel pain
  • Joint replacement
  • Arch pain
  • Knee pain
  • Toe pain
  • Hip pain
  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain (SIJ pain)
  • Sciatica


Athletic Injuries

Our clinical staff are experienced at evaluating athletic injuries, from professional to weekend warrior. From The Feet Up will examine all non-emergency athletic injuries, determine if any imaging or testing is needed, and set up the appropriate resources for your care.

When you start with our team of movement specialists, you can be certain that your recovery is leading to a return-to- play level that is stronger than pre-injury.


Chronic Pain

Your body can heal most injuries within 8-12 weeks with good advice and care. However, many individuals continue to struggle with pain or limitation that persists beyond the initial healing phase. These individuals often seek help from 1 or more healthcare professionals, yet have been met with limited success.

Our specialised full-body examination allows our physicians to identify the specific limitations preventing you from healing. We are experts in treating chronic pain, and each patient receives a treatment plan that is unique. We have a proven track record in helping patients overcome persistent pain and limitations.


Athletic Performance Find out how well you move at our Sports clinic:


Imagine being your BEST, in a larger variety of ways! Our methods take what you are good at and help you harness that to your full capacity. We want our athletes to have a super low injury occurrence, but in the meantime, we also want to help them hit the ball further, hone accuracy, strike with more power, and ultimately improve the win column.

As movement experts, our team evaluates all of the movements required for your sport. By applying the best current research, we will help you drive athletic performance with unique treatments that build strength, durability, and range of motion.


Infant Development

The first 4 years of your child’s life are a whirlwind of excitement and development. It is at this time that they develop all of the movement strategies and motor control that they will need as a fully functioning healthy adult. At From The Feet Up we evaluate babies at the major milestones that happen at 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months, 8 months and 12 months.

Each evaluation maps their developmental age and shows how we need to progress each child for the optimal health of brain and body. When developmental issues are identified in these early months they can be quickly treated to reduce the chance of long term issues. We teach parents most therapies so that each child can be treated at home without the need to see us as frequently.


Junior and Teen Athletes

Our clinical staff are experienced at evaluating and preventing athletic injuries in juniors and teens. Our therapists will examine all non-emergency athletic injuries, determine if any imaging or testing is needed, evaluate all of the movements required for your sport and then set up the appropriate resources for your junior?s or teen?s care.

When you start with our team of movement specialists, you can be certain that your recovery is leading to a return-to- play level that is stronger than pre-injury.


Movement Limitation

There are certain movements that we all need to be able to do. These movements may be as simple as tying shoes, or as complex as perfecting your kicking technique in Aussie rules. When you cannot move your body the way you need or want to, your body is forced to compensate. These compensations may drive stiffness or pain, or they may prevent you from performing your best.

Our detailed movement examination identifies your movement limitations and structures a plan for recovery. Many of the exercises we use to improve your movement can be performed at home so that you can be an active participant in your care. Get ready to move great again!


Cutting Edge Techniques

Our therapists are encouraged to undergo continuing professional development and they partake in regular inservices and webinars.


Holistic and Individualised Attention

Our therapists are trained to enquire about your specific needs and design their treatments accordingly.


Commitment to Quality

Our sole focus is on obtaining results for you and we will give you a thorough treatment plan on your first visit so you understand your injury better.


Experienced in Sports and Workplace Injury Rehabilitation

We offer the quickest pathway to return to work or sports. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to our client care and rehab.


We Give You Answers

We encourage our patients to ask questions. One of our goals is to educate each and every patient so they prevent injury recurrence.

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