About Our Practice

From The Feet Up Sports & Podiatry will work with you to provide clear answers to the root cause of chronic and complex issues. Our unique approach allows us to identify key movement limitations through comprehensive assessment and quality of personalised care to help you to find the optimal solution. We communicate clearly and in detail with all of our clients so that you are empowered with the information needed to recover.

Tracy-Ann Smith

First Australian Podiatrist qualified in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, (DNS) certified exercise and fitness trainer, and the first practitioner qualified in the GRIP Approach.

Graduate of Queensland University Of Technology in Podiatry and Teaching, Curtin University in Health promotion Founder and Clinical director of From The Feet Up Sports & Podiatry Clinic First Australian Practitioner qualified in the GRIP Approach (Global Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention) in evaluation and treatment of chronic and complex biomechanics and sports medicine injury rehabilitation.

Medical and Allied Health Educator on examination, injury rehabilitation, manual therapy and sports performance.

Has provided comprehensive sports medicine services to the weekend warrior up to professional and elite sportspeople.

I founded From The Feet Up Sports & Podiatry Clinic to offer the highest quality health care to clients who have struggled with other options. I am dedicated to finding out the root causes of physical limitations and help you to realise your true potential for healthy movement?